human - an annie leonhardt fanmix

underneath the skin there’s a human buried deep within there’s a human and despite everything I’m still human

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01. Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine 02. Get Home - Bastille 03. Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars 04. Demons - Imagine Dragons 05. Six Weeks - Of Monsters and Men 06. Your Biggest Mistake - Ellie Goulding 07. Go - The Civil Wars 08. Kingdom Come - The Civil Wars 09. Amsterdam - Coldplay 10. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At the Disco 11. Glory and Gore - Lorde 12. Kill the Boy - Emeli Sande 13. Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds 14. Help I’m Alive - Metric 15. Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls 16. Waiting for the World to End - Mother Mother 17. Human - Daughter


one of my favorite episodes from atla was where this whole village hated avatars because they thought that kyoshi murdered this guy a long time ago and the whole gang spends the entire episode finding all this evidence that she never did it but the village doesnt believe them and it looks like aangs going to be found guilty but finally near the end her spirit appears to everyone and shes like yeah i killed that guy he was a dick



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I can’t stop drawing them :(

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Name: Iris

Nickname: Liras or something

Birthday:  June 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 160 cm

Time zone: ??? just the netherlands

Current date and time: October 19th 3:13 am

Average hours of sleep I get: probably around 9 hours, i need a lot of sleep bc otherwise ill fall asleep and you dont want my saliva on your lap

My current OTPs: jeanmarco jeanmarco jeanmarco

The last thing I Googled: ciara bravo

First word that comes to mind: goose

What I last said to a family member: doei

One place that makes me happy: the forest after rain

How many blankets I sleep under: 4

Favorite beverage: blueberry juice

Last movie I watched in cinema: the tale of princess kaguya

3 things I can’t live without: internet air and kpop

Something I plan on learning: japanese and korean + how to style wigs bc i suck at that

What I want to say to my followers: it’s like a little army of 36 people??? but yh hi <3

You have to listen to this song: melted - akmu

My blog: just random pretty things

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how do you make someone holy

you beat the hell out of them

my 96 year old catholic grandma told me this joke


jean pls kiss me like how you kiss your blade handle